Semi-carbon Semi-carbon / carbon shaft Carbon with lock system
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  Paddle Model Features
paddle Elio Competition I The most popular design for Flatwater Racing and Marathon.These big blades 805cm2 are recommended for big and strong paddlers. Weight 750gms.
paddle Elio Competition IV An exceptionally lightweight paddle 650gms.Same shape as Elio I with less blade area 740cm2
paddle Elio Competition VI High Performance paddle with a more extreme"tear drop" design allowing a more efficient blade exit.Weight 750gms Blade area 770cm2.
paddle Elio Competition VII Similar to the Elio VI with less surface area on the blades,recommended for lighter male and female athletes. Area 740cm2 Weight 650gms
paddle Elio Children Competition This paddle is the same design as the Elio I and Elio IV with even smaller blades, recommended for small athletes, only produced in a semi-carbon format to reduce injuries to shoulders,wrists and arms.Weight 800gms. Blade area 636cm2.