Elio Kayaks

"Masters Kayaks"

Supra K1 40 cm wide  
Combines speed and stability  
Puma Dolphin
Puma K1 42 cm wide Dolphin Masters K1 44 cm wide
Masters K1 A little more stability for those cold Winter months
Stability level 6 (low seat), 5 (platform seat) Stability level 6
Cobra 51 Cobra 55
Cobra K1 51 cm wide Cobra K1 55 cm wide
Stable beginners boat Even more stable beginners boat
Stability level 8 Stability level 9
Cobra 60 CobraK2
Cobra K1 60 cm wide Cobra K2
Stable beginners boat for the heavier paddler Very stable K2, excellent DW boat
Stability level 10 Stability level 8